Monday, February 21, 2011

A grand new world

Well, after 5 years of having this blog sitting in the Aether of the interwebs, I've decided to do something useful with it and post things i consider interesting.
My first Post will start as I mean to go on: criticising something popular.
Before you attempt to beat me to death I dont mean im being negative BECAUSE the item in popular, I'm merely being truthful, that the things i will comment on will usually be popular, or at least known to a set community.
The video was removed once, and due to the ignorance normally associated with yotube comments, I expect this link will not remain unbroken for long. So I will describe to you, the long and short of it: 
A bouncer in a club has singled out a (no offence meant) feeble looking smaller man. The bouncer is already in a position of power in the club, andmany people fear bouncers due to their (usually) gun ho attitudes, so this man is understandably worried when the bouncer has escorted him to the toilets of the club.

This sends alarm bells ringing in anyone who has been involved in security like myself, a bouncer would NEVER do this unless there was an explicit reason to do so, a bouncers job is to prevent fights and other illegal activity inside (and in very special circumstances outside) a club or other establishment, and then to remove the troublemakers as swiftly as possible. This man does neither, he has taken the man, who he accuses of being a drug dealer, further inside the club into a less-populated location. Telling. Telling of a man up to no good.

From the body language of the two men we can see the bouncer is being overly intimidating and is making what seem to be false accusations, and then proceeds to "search" the man. Not only does he allow the man to empty his pockets out himself, an idiotic practise for anyone, especially when weapons may be involved, but we can see the man is not proffessional, so i digress.

Eventually after sifting through the mans personal and private belongings, such as taking cash from the mans wallet and nosing through his mobile phone, the bully of a bouncer becomes bored, and decided to throw a straight jab squarely into the face of the man, who has stated he wants no trouble and only wishes to leave. The man cowers away after being punched, satisfying the bouncers ego.

This power display has gone exactly as intended, and he has before him, essentialy, what we would call a victim. The bouncer unleashes another sloppy punch which causes even further distress to the victim. And then commands him, and i can barely believe it as I see it, to worship him, in the typical "we are not worthy" pose. Encouraging his victim to say "Oh great mother
f*cking brown dude".

First of all, lets play the "HOW MANY CRIMES DID HE COMMIT?" game.

Did you guess them all?
We've got:
Perhaps GBH?
As well as larceny and invasion of privacy.

This man is exactly what is wrong with society. People in a position of power preying on those less fortunate. Men like this have always existed, and im sad to say, will probably always exist, BUT, martial artists, good ones, will always exist too. And one great one Stephen K Hayes said: "I vowed that wherever I had to go or whatever I had to study or whoever I had to find as a mentor – I would learn how to prevail over the cruel and unjust and brutal. I would never ever again have to stand helpless and watch the right be crushed into submission by the wrong...prevailing over the dangerous and degenerate is what I offer my community."

We can at least take hope that the popularity of this video will lead to the bouncer's arrest. Or, maybe he'll pick on an unassuming looking person, only to discover he is a champion cage fighter? I hope both of those things happen.


  1. If the case is going to court then the video will hopefully have been pulled in order to prevent any possible claims for a biased jury. Couldn't watch in work but the description is good enough, hoping justice will prevail.

  2. I thought the man was already charged. Lots of people who have a small dick go into these jobs just to do shit like this. Its especially evident in the police force.

  3. i think the man has already been charged, give an update on the news, thx

  4. Let's just hope for the best... or doing something about it.

  5. I'm trying to determine if this is real or not. If it is, then this is outrageous. I hope this bouncer faces the consequences of his actions.

  6. Enjoyed reading this. Thank you for sharing!

  7. Power corrupts absolutely. It's rough that the club can't control it's employees.

  8. Has the man already been charged with this offence?

  9. awesome blog mate!
    But wasn't he charged yet?

  10. good read glad you decided to kick things up after 5 years

  11. Very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

  12. This is very interesting. Followed!

  13. fck "very interesting".. tl;dr.

    Followed !

  14. I just hope somewhere in his life, he recieves the same treatment as what he did to that man.