Monday, February 21, 2011

Wisdom can be found in the strangest places...

Reading the Manga of Street Fighter 3 recently (A guilty pleasure of mine) I know it's impossible to throw hadokens and the like, so why would a martial artist read that tripe?
Because its fun! Enjoyment is something many martial artists forget. What point is there in going down this path of the warrior protector if we wear the guise of a "tough-guy"?
Much better to smile and spread happiness where we go. Even if people dont realise it, and sometimes, that's something to aim for. If someone doesnt know we help them, to them we didnt, and it can greaten them as a person.

"The fist is like the wind. The wind has no colour, no shape, how can we confirm it's existance? Does it need to destroy houses? To blow apart everything in it's path? No. To appeal it's existence, the wind need only brush gently past the leaves of the trees! With earth as the soul, trees as the body, and the wind as the fist! The deepest form of killing strike, this is the fist of the wind!"


  1. Very insightful blog. I didn't know there was SF manga, that sounds cool as hell. Keep writing awesome stuff!

  2. I like your blog and enjoy your insights. New follower! Keep up the good work.

  3. True. I often find wisdom in the least expected places.

  4. I remember those manga pictures at FX sites!


  5. i didnt know about that manga, thanks.

  6. Good to see that a few non-tough-guys are out there who pratice physical arts. Kudos.