Monday, March 07, 2011

Daily fact 6

A few animal facts today!

First, I answer an age-old question. Which one you ask?
This one:
Which came first, the chicken? Or the egg? People always site this as some unanswerable question, but the answer is quite simple when you think about it: Birds evolved from reptiles, so the first bird would have come from an egg, laid by a reptile. Simple right?

Here's another challenge. Name a fish!
Dont bother, it's impossible, simply because theres no such thing as "fish". The world is given out and mislabled across hundreds of species. It's simply a term that is given to aquatic vetebrate that is not a mammal, turtle etc. It'd be like calling bats and flying lizards birds because they fly.

Oh well, they're scientists, not writers or...namers.......Anywho, see you tomorrow.


  1. really nice post... really makes you think...

    hard to explain that type of stuff without resorting to "god"

  2. well most ppl agree
    what looks like a fish most times is a fish

  3. eggs were the first ones :)

  4. Huh, I never would've guessed... Thanks!

  5. Another point is that your genetic material cannot change throughout life and only pre-life. Therefore the only option would be the egg!

  6. I made the same point about the egg throughout the years and people still thought of the question as unanswerable. Maybe they just want it that way.

    I'm not sure if I agree about the fish though. You don't call bats birds because they can fly, but just as well you don't call whales fish just because they live in the ocean.

  7. The chicken did. Thanks for the post!

  8. I never even thought about fish like that.

  9. Systematically speaking: fish are fish. They also have some characteristics making them different from other vertebrates. Therefore there are fish.
    Either way you made me think, chap! Following!

  10. hahah now i know it's the egg =)

  11. interesting trivia, following.