Friday, February 25, 2011

My big fat furious ninja

I went on a marathon last night and watch every episode of "my big fat gypsy wedding" last night, and it really was purely due to the fact that it was like watching a car crash in slow motion. Sad, horrible, offensive, and yet i found myself unable to stop watching...

The fact that outdated and chauvinistic practises like "grabbing" still exist is absolutely astounding to me. I was never able to understand when beaten women say "but he loves me" because surely at the point when fist meets face the bond of love is broken? But here, the relationship starts with violence, and the girls just accept it saying things like "oh, its horrid, but what can you do?" Here's something, kick him in the jimmies!

Human instinct is one of self preservation, and when confronted by that situation I cant understand how they don't have even the slightest feeling that this isn't right.
Why is this? Simple, they had it bred out of them over centuries as part of the "rich" gypsy culture, their mum got abused, and her mum and her mum etc. So its only expected, similar to how Muslim extremists still have the same attitude to women that we had centuries ago.

I don't understand how someone could find any aspect of their wedding ceremonies positive. The people portrayed on the show were walking anomalies, for example they say they are devout Christians, yet they beat their wives and engage in bear knuckle fights and "are extremely house proud" that's at least 2 of the 7 deadly sins right there, Rage and Pride, that they find "acceptable".
I didn't find the show funny, not when they spend ridiculous amounts of money on dresses that make me want to turn the bride upside down and do some mopping, nor when they have 7 year olds getting a spray tan for their holy communion, nor when they have the same 7 year olds dancing like Shakira and Beyonce...I honestly just sat and frothed with rage.

No culture can claim that they are proud and noble when nearly all of them engage in violence against those weaker than themselves, and as a martial artist, I call them all cowards, I have no fear from them, especially the "bare knuckle fighters" who place so much faith in their ability to fight, when in reality, they are as children to a martial artist, punches that are thrown wildly and without precision or skill is a step closer to defeat. They, like chavs, rely on sucker punches, roundhouses and huge hook punches for that "one hit K.O." but someone trained in ninjutsu only needs one opening, for example, it only takes around 18 pounds of pressure to collapse the human trachea...and i'll be punching throats left right and centre if it means the world can be free of violent men. Some might call that hipocritical, but not really, to use violence to ensure authentic peace is something that has to be done with societies like this. And it makes me sad to say it.


  1. I find that show demeaning, but also strangely intriguing.

  2. Good read. Thank you for posting!

  3. I don't really enjoy this show at all, it seems pretty offensive.

  4. That show is exactly like a car crash. Best choice of words ever.

  5. Reminds me of this song i heard about gypos stealing your clothes haha

  6. Agreed 100%.

    Good writing style too.