Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Arent I glad I bought a HTC wildfire, although popularity means nothing, the iPhone is fantastic. However, I dont think it's fantastic enough to buy it on Pay as you go for the price apple wants right now. I may like iPod and iPhone, but im hardly one of those people who simply write a blank cheque out to Steve Jobs.

  1. HTC Desire £15.32 (Orange)
  2. HTC Desire HD  £20 (T-mobile)
  3. HTC Wildfire £10.21 (O2)
  4. BlackBerry Curve 8520   £10.21 (O2)
  5. Samsung Galaxy S £15.32 (Orange)
  6. Apple iPhone 4 (16GB) £45.96 (Orange)
  7. Motorola DEFY £15.32 (T-mobile)
  8. BlackBerry Torch 9800     £25.53(O2)
  9. Nokia C3  £10.21 (O2)
  10. Nokia N8   £20.42 (T-Mobile)


  1. it won't matter what price they put it.there are still enough people buying apple

  2. I am an android fanboy after getting my incredible. Just much more customization than the iphone.

  3. good choice, myself I have a blackberry since I got one for free at work :)

  4. Interesting post, added you to my morning coffee. Thanks for the great post!

  5. you're fucking kidding me right... you just listed out all those prices for those phones... at around 15 pounds....or around 25 us dollars.

    For the same phones here they cost over 150 dollars. wt america...

  6. I got an iPhone a while ago and I'm over it. Can't wait for my contract to end in a few months.

  7. IMO The Galaxy S is the best on the list for the price

  8. glad you got a droid! follow my blog to see the best apps and hacks!