Sunday, March 06, 2011

Daily facts 4

Here's a breif couple of facts for today.
1) The universe is beige. Scientists pointed a telescope at the sky for 1000000 seconds and analysed the colours received. What an anti-climax.

2) Water really is blue. its not the sky being reflected in it, it really is genuinely blue...or green...or brown.........well its not clear anyway. :D


  1. These scientists must be shit ones! lol

  2. I thuought the water was blue because the sky was blue, because of reflexion or I don't remember what... -__-
    anyway, nice post :)

  3. i think it depends on the stuff in the water besides h2o

  4. its blue? O.o beige is boring.

  5. Nah, water is clear. The stuff that is floating in the water + reflections make it blue.

  6. Beige hey? The big bang must have been a crappy interior designer haha. Following.

  7. I'm sticking with that water is clear =).

  8. @JustDarki:
    "The intrinsic natural color of liquid water may be demonstrated by looking at a white light source through a long pipe, filled with purified water, that is closed at both ends with a transparent window. The light turquoise blue color is caused by weak absorption in the red part of the visible spectrum. Absorptions in the visible spectrum are usually attributed to excitations of the electronic energy states in matter. Water is a simple 3-atom molecule, H2O, and all its electronic absorptions occur only in the ultraviolet region of the electromagnetic spectrum and are therefore not responsible for the color of water in the visible region of the spectrum.

    The water molecule has three fundamental modes of vibration. There are two O-H stretching vibrations which occur at ca. 3500 cm−1 and an H-O-H bending vibration at ca. 1640 cm−1. Absorption due to these vibrations occurs in the infrared region of the spectrum. The observed absorption in the visible spectrum is due mainly to the fourth harmonic frequency (third overtone) of the O-H bond-stretching vibrations. 4×3500=14000; 14000 cm−1 is equivalent to a wavelength of ca. 715 nm. The actual absorption maximum occurs at 698 nm.[1]

    Absorption intensity decreases markedly with each successive overtone, resulting in very weak absorption for the third overtone. For this reason, the pipe needs to have a length of a metre or more and the water must be purified by microfiltration to remove any particles that could produce Rayleigh scattering.
    Water in an indoor swimming pool appears blue against a white background, right up to the waterline. The same water inside a floating white bucket appears only very slightly blue."

    In short, water is blue, its nothing to do with whats in it, or what the sky is etc. Although if water is filled with mud it obviously effects the colour, it is still blue when the mud is purified out of it.

  9. the water is blue in Jamaica!

    the most beautiful waters ive seen are there.